Has Apple Lost its Way?

Yet another reason it seems Apple has lost its way! I have been discussing this for months, and news today about the iPhone 6s mystery bug only reaffirms that thought. With the stock price down 15% on average and Q2 sales down 90%, it seems the mighty tech titan is struggling without question. And that’s not even mentioning the epic fail of Apple Music and Carl Icahn circling the waters on Apple stock as of late, which is usually a sign of something ominous to come.

From the failed Apple Watch launch, to lagging new product development including smart tvs and wearables, and a sluggish retail expansion strategy, the company who we all know and love continues to flounder.

On the four year anniversary of Steve Jobs death, I sadly reflect on his passing and the many smiles he brought to my face, and wonder if a day will come where I wait with anticipation to take a big bite out of Apple again.

For now, I’ll remember to have faith knowing that the company is still comprised of people crazy enough to think they can change the world, and hopefully still will.

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