Creative Destruction: Why Failure is the New Success

Nothing changes until it has to. This is true of people, of companies, of cultures, governments, and even of Mother Nature herself. If the Colorado River had never gotten stuck between a rock and a hard place on it’s way to the Sea of Cortez, it would never have sculpted the Grand Canyon. If Steve Jobs hadn’t dropped out of college and gotten fired from his own company, we might never have experienced another great wonder of the world, the i-Phone. We are currently in the midst of a period of disruption and creative destruction.

The old tenets, institutions and systems have failed. We as a culture and an economy are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and just like the Colorado River, the only possibility for success is to innovate a new course through the mountains. As we move toward a society ruled not by the few but by the many-the ability to sit back and rest on one’s laurels as an established brand authority will cease to exist as a viable alternative. As we shift from consumers to artists, and from a manufacturing to a sharing economy, success will demand that everyone strive for the insurgency of a challenger, even if they are the established incumbent. The future favors those who are not only able to survive periods of disruption, but consciously seek it out in order to remain creative, innovative, and competitive.

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