Billee Howard-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Billee Howard

Billee Howard is Founder + CEO of BRANDthro. She has a strategic vision around why customer experience is the new battle ground and improved emotional intelligence is the number one catalyst for growth and improved business performance.

Billee has a 20 plus year track record of positioning brands as world class innovators that transcend their respective industries to embody best-in-class business leadership. Critical to her success has been a long standing legacy of working with the C-Suite to use cultural insights to inform and direct the future of business and brand.

Beginning her career as Press Secretary for the President of the Philippines and his cabinet at the age of 22, Billee developed a global market perspective from early on, and understood that the third world would not be third much longer. Switching from politics to business with a focus on how CEOs can drive culture, she joined Shandwick at age 25, and launched their National Financial Media Group.

When Weber bought Shandwick, making Weber Shandwick the largest PR firm in the world, Billee was named EVP, and founded their Global Strategic Media Group, handling storytelling efforts across the world for leading brands such as DreamWorks, Fast Company, Samsung, PepsiCo and MasterCard. Billee later landed Faith Popcorn as a client, and becoming immersed in Popcorn’s innovative cultural approach to business, she pioneered a strategic alliance with Brain Reserve to leverage futurism in global PR campaigns.

Billee has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WE-Commerce. She is an active contributor on the Forbes CMO network where she instigates conversations with the C-Suite to uncover the emerging trends facing the future of marketing, communications and customer advocacy. Her Ask the CMO and Brand Alchemy columns are must reads for senior leadership at today’s top companies who are seeking the right mix of algorithmic brand and human touch. She is also an influencer and futurist for IBM.

Todd A. Myers - Brandthropologie Consulting - New Business Trends

Todd A. Myers

Todd Myers is Co-Founder + Chief Strategy Officer at BRANDthro. He is a revenue-producing executive and entrepreneur with a talent for shaping businesses in relevant, but not always obvious ways, that improve performance and profitability that benefit all stakeholders. Todd’s strategic expertise is grounded in customer insights, cultural trends, 20+ years on the digital front lines and a global marketing communications acumen across paid, owned and earned media.

Todd’s passion for creating, communicating and implementing innovative business frameworks that connect with culture has been informed and refined by his unique career trajectory that has spanned from the entertainment industry at a talent agency and a movie studio where he developed screenplays to Cap Gemini Consulting (post MBA), where he collaborated on the development of a business framework for major interactive TV joint venture, and then to AOL, where he evaluated and developed business cases for customer-driven programming. He then went on to co-found i.spy, a successful marketing and strategy consulting firm which specialized in the development of Internet-based, customer-centric, ROI-based business and marketing opportunities.  His journey continued on to NYC to work with Madonna and then to Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve (FPBR) – where he and Billee Howard first met and worked together on an FPBR/ Weber-Shandwick alliance – and the die was cast for this collaboration – BRANDthro.

Todd is a mid-westerner born and bred with a BA in International Economics from The University of Michigan and an MBA, with majors in Strategy, Marketing and Finance from The Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Tim Heffernan

Tim is President of BRANDthro. He is a senior executive and thought leader with more than 20 years of success in tech, retail, financial services. His broad areas of expertise include marketing, product development, communications and biz development.

Tim’s expertise is in leading and advising Fortune 500s through all phases of research, government relations, public relations, crisis, branding and internal communications. He has advised government, corporate affairs, marcoms and market development executives in the areas of environment, technology + enterprise policy. Prior to BRANDthro, Tim was the vice president of Government Relations and Emerging Business Opportunities for NCR Corporation, Head of Regulatory at Cable & Wireless and continues to serve as a policy advisor for technology companies and industry associations.

Mark Temple Raston-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Mark Temple-Raston

Mark Temple Raston is CIO + Chief Data Scientist at BRANDthro. Mark leads the development of the firm’s proprietary AI and machine learning approaches that blend with neuroscience to help brands sharpen their emotional intelligence in ways that drive improved engagement and performance.

In 2015, Mark founded business machine learning company, Decision Machine. Decision Machine’s scientific approach to machine learning eliminates model bias to produce estimate-free computations and stark decision boundaries that can be applied across many verticals. Mark’s current focus is on business insights and decision making in marketing and financial services.

Mark holds a doctorate in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge, UK—the same department as Stephen Hawking. He presents a clear, honest and authoritative voice on data science applied to marketing, and in its immense future promise.

Mark has over 20 years of global experience as an innovator and executive in information technology on Wall Street, including ten years with Citigroup, as a senior enterprise architect in CATE (Citigroup Architecture and Technology Engineering).

Max Fresen

Max is the Chief Experience Officer of BRANDthro. With over 20 award-winning years as a creative director working with brands such as Sony, Bank of America, Samsung, Adidas, Samsonite, Coca-Cola, and Dunkin’ Donuts, he possesses a unique blend of talents and experience that allows him to code art, tell stories, and train others to do the same. That is coupled with a passion for understanding human behavior, identifying and analyzing the frictions of people and/or markets, and inventing brilliant solutions to those frictions.

Before co-founding BORN, Max was the head of Experience Design for Digitas, where he oversaw the installation and adoption of an agile methodology and process designed to work at scale, enabling his teams to bring start-up speed and irreverence to digital transformation engagements for brands such as Bank of America and GM. Prior to that, he had enjoyed a two-year hiatus from the agency world, spending his time as a mentor at TechStars Boston, and the CMO of the Startup Institute, an immersive learning program designed to help people begin new careers working at high-growth companies.

Max has made a career of disrupting traditional agency models by focusing on the art and science of building and enabling teams of polymath makers and hackers that use the entire digital spectrum of channels as a framework for narration, on behalf of the biggest brands on the planet.

Andrew Bard

Andrew Bard

Andrew is the Chief Media Advisor for BRANDthro specializing in media relations, narrative development, brand building and positioning, sponsorship/partnership activation, and celebrity procurement. He is also the Founder and President of BARDCOMM Enterprises, Inc., an independent marketing communications and public relations consultancy. For more than two decades, Andrew has represented multinational organizations and emerging brands across multiple industries, including CPG, health & wellness, sports, entertainment, retail, technology, food & beverage, consumer finance, and media.

Bill Holstein

Bill Holstein is Director of C-Suite Intelligence at BRANDthro. In this capacity, Holstein leads strategy for identifying how to best harness the power of cognitive and emotional intelligence technologies for chief executive officers and other members of the C-Suite. Holstein has spent decades interviewing CEOs as a journalist for, U.S. News & World Report, Business Week, Strategy + Business and the New York Times, and served as editor-in-chief of Chief Executive magazine. He is also the author of seven books. Holstein recognizes that the best CEOs are hungry for any insight that affords them an advantage over their competitors. Based on his knowledge of how CEOs make decisions, he seeks to create customized strategies that give CEOs just the edge they are seeking.

Gordon Feinberg-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Gordon Feinberg

Gordon Feinberg is Creative Director for BRANDthro. Gordon grew up in Bergen County. He has a bachelor degree from Northeastern University and holds an associates degree in graphic design.

Through twenty-five years of graphic design, Gordon has worked as a stand-up comedian, an actor, and director. He has built hundreds of websites and has written, produced, and, or directed many television commercials. He directed a web-commercial that premiered on the Huffington Post and one of his films was accepted at The Market, a festival at Cannes for up-and-coming filmmakers.

Jason Bergund-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Jason Bergund

Jason Bergund is Director of Brand Visualization for Brandthropologie’s Mojo Risin’ Studios, as well as a best selling author, and the Co-President of Our Kitchen Table Media, specializing in assisting agents, publishers, companies and individuals to develop personal brand stories that can be leveraged across a trans media platform including the web, television, movies, and commercial trade books.

Ali Mizra-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza is the social media director at BRANDthro. His focus is to help our clients create engaging social brands & generate leads. In the recent past Ali has worked with several marketing agencies and mega brands like Chevy, Target and American Airlines. His passion lies in helping corporations & brands get RESULTS from social media.

Edwardo Vianna-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Eduardo Vianna

Eduardo Vianna is Chief Video Editor for Brandthropologie and Mojo Rising Studios. With an engineering degree from the Catholic University in Brasil, Eduardo started his career in video editing and motion graphics.

In Brasil, Eduardo worked with many professionals in the field of video production, provided services to various producers, producing vignettes for TV shows and worked as a video editor and motion graphics artist for many years.

In late 2009 Eduardo worked in New York developing ideas for new projects, doing pre-production, scene direction, editing, finishing, publishing the videos produced by the analysis of the feedback generated by the video hosting sites.

Allyson-Spiegleman-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Allyson Spiegelman

With over two decades of on the ground experience in managing talent, communications and profitability for countless artists in fields as divergent as photography and music, Allyson Spiegelman is head of BRANDthro West. At BRANDthro, Allyson focuses on bringing the firm’s mission of marrying art + science to drive innovation to the entertainment and mogul space. Allyson is based in New York and Los Angeles, but has also established a virtual presence for BRANDthro in the Bay Area.

Andrew-Matusik-Brandthropologie Consulting-New Business Trends

Andrew Matusik

Head of Digital Photography, Matusik is an image creator, collaborating in the creative process of producing impact-full images. He does not shy away from pushing the new medium into new unexplored territory. His unique background, coupled with a fresh creative approach, and an aggressive application of new technologies has manifested in a dialog with personalized sensibilities and bold vision appealing to a new generation of visual consumers.

Andrew was featured in Rangefinder Magazine for his innovative approach and desire to move the medium forward.

Matusik has produced 74 covers, and retouched hundreds of celebrities including “A” list staples like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlet Johansson, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Ann Hathaway, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.