Brandthropologie (brand-thro-pol-uh-jee): The study of the cultural trends, technology, data, content and experiences driving modern day business

Who We Are

BRANDthro is a neuromarketing consultancy using proprietary emotion AI and neuroscience to create a richer understanding of a brand, their target and content through the lens of personality, emotion and language

We believe emotion is a significant driver of behavior. Only when a brand moves people to feel, will it move them to act

What We Do

BRANDthro acquires and analyzes customer segment data and turns it into valuable personality insight. This sharpened emotional intelligence of the customer then powers a data enabled creative strategy that dramatically improves marketing effectiveness

How We Deliver Emotional Intelligence

  • Our Emotional Profile Report (ePR) quantifies the emotional impact of language with specific applications to customer segmentation, brand marketing, communications and content development
  • The ePR provides rich insights on the personality of the brand, their competitors and the target segment
  • We provide a new way to audit language currently being used in marketing materials and make predictive recommendations for future creative development, and the use of language
  • The ePR empowers data enabled creativity that can be used at scale enterprise wide

A New Era of Data-led Business Transformation is…

  • Pushing marketers to leverage data at the strategy level to build trust and deliver competitive advantage
  • Moving marketers from being the steward of the brand to becoming the advocate for the customer
  • Requiring new insights to create brand value and drive desired outcomes
  • Demanding improved emotional experiences related to both brand utility and brand promise
  • Mandating brands to elevate trust by transforming marketing from an interruption to a service